Every health conscious person says it but I don’t think it’s importance can be overstated.

Drink Lots of WATER.

In winter staying hydrated is particularly important for your skin but we need to get quite a bit of it everyday to stay healthy.  The obvious benefits come with the fact that the human body is almost entirely water and therefore we need to keep replenishing the supply for basic functioning.  People who are loosing weight need lots of water for many reasons, but I’ll give you my top three.

  1. Loosing weight generally involves exercise and therefore we need to make sure we are not dehydrating ourselves when we work out.  Being dehydrated leads to headaches, loss of focus and ultimately constipation and unconsciousness if severe.
  2. Water fills you up.  Sometimes our brains trick us into thinking we’re hungry when in fact we are really thirsty.  By defaulting to drinking water we will probably eat less.
  3. As we loose weight the fat the is melting off of our bodies releases toxins.  Drinking water helps to flush away those toxins so they get out of our bodies quickly and we are not too adversely affected by all that sludge we’ve been storing away.

The recommendations as to how much water we should consume everyday varies a little.  A good average is about 2L or about 9-10 8oz. glasses a day.  I use a 1L water bottle so I know that if I empty it twice I’m getting enough.

Please remember, only water is water.  Juice, coffee, tea or pop don’t count.  If you really want a little flavour then squeeze in some lemon juice or muddle some mint or lemon balm into your water for some variety.


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