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Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

hot fudge sign

Must say it’s been challenging lately.  Lots of pressure and a compulsion to eat all kinds of bad for me things.  It seems obvious thinking back on it but somehow I never realized I was such an emotional eater.  Loosing my job and my lover in the same month has led me to want to comfort myself with chocolate, cheese and bread.  We all know that none of these things are particularly healthy to binge on.  Lately it seems that my veggie substitutes just aren’t cutting it.  What I’m missing is validation and physical comfort.  What I need to realize is that that does not come at the bottom of a chocolate box.

The upside is that I am recognizing what is happening and doing my best to curb cravings by looking at my issues head on and objectively.  Making choices to be self-constructive instead of destructive are challenging but not impossible.

All that I can really do is my best and that is what I’m doing now.