Jo Parry Rocks!

jo-parryWhy does she rock you ask?  I found her videos on YouTube for free to start with.  Next favourite thing is that she’s not one of those obnoxious perky, peppy types that drive me nuts (I know it works for some but not for me).  I like the 10 minute increments the videos are set up in.  The first time I found them I thought “I’ll just do the 10 minute warm-up and see what I think”.  After the warm-up I thought I could do another ten minutes and clicked on the next video.  That my friends is not usual for me.  I’ve never been a sports person or very physically active so I tend to not like “work-out” type things.  Lo and behold Jo Parry got me going.  She made me feel as though her videos were the easiest thing to follow and more than that, that I could follow.  That I think is what we all need out of an exercise program.  I could connect with her as a human being and not an overly enthusiastic Barbie doll.  She looks like a real person, she acts like a real person and therefore I relate to her.  Awesome.

So check out the many different exercise programs that she has published and I’m sure you will find one or two that you enjoy.  Thanks Jo.

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