Going Good!

Me June 2012Everything is right on track.  Went to the Doctor the other day and he had me do an A1c (test that measures blood glucose) and it has yet again improved from his original diagnosis.  Ha…nutrition and activity all the way.

Since January I have eaten pretty much what I want.  Within reason of course.  I try to keep my veggie consumption high and my carb intake low.  Sweets are out except for the very odd taste of delicious birthday cake.  Bottom line I don’t find I am lacking anywhere and I’m loosing weight and gaining energy.

The two big things that have made a difference are the most basic and backed by any expert I’ve encountered.  Eat Breakfast, Don’t eat too late in the evening.   Oh and really enjoy your food (that’s not really backed by anyone, I just really enjoy food).

So this is me 35 lbs lighter than I was in October.  Feeling great, looking good and happy that my plan is working.


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