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Sunday, March 17th, 2013

pilates class


The local Pilates centre had a free introductory beginners mat class and I went.  I’ve always wondered what Pilates was all about.  People would describe it to me and all I could think was “so you mean like yoga?”, and they would say “no, it’s not like yoga”.  Well it is like yoga and not at the same time.  It focuses on breathing and elongating the body but in a much less spiritually infused way.  I really appreciate that.  The type of Pilates we were doing is called “mat work”, there is also a machine apparatus they call a reformer; I think that’s for the more advanced practitioners though.

Pilates is probably the easiest thing I’ve ever done that achieved such immediate and obvious results.  It is a discipline that encourages us to focus on slow deliberate movements.  There were no weird balancing moves and no “stand up, now sit down” craziness.  In fact I didn’t even break a sweat and the hour long class was over before I knew it.   The result was that I left feeling loose and limber with lots of energy.   By doing every move slowly and deliberately I was able to (with the instructors guidance) pinpoint exactly what muscles should be used to execute a certain move instead of  just doing something and hoping the right muscles get engaged.   Keep in mind this was a beginners class, the weird positions come later.

I could have skipped this class as I almost forgot about it, but I didn’t.  Am I glad that I made myself go?  Yes I am.  Making myself do things I don’t want to do is getting easier and I always enjoy the result of being able to feel good about myself for it.

Did I mention I didn’t break a sweat?  I hate sweating.


Thursday, November 1st, 2012

ankleWell I’ve done in my ankle with a soft tissue injury.  This sucks.  So how do I stay on my fitness track without causing myself further injury?  The exercise bike and walking are definitely out of the question.  The plan I’m building involves a lot of the exercises I don’t really like doing such as stomach crunches and leg lifts which is all well and good but what about the cardio?  Conceptually I like the thought of a punching bag…except I don’t have one.  Swimming is great but not without a pool and it’s waaaay to cold to jump in the lake.   I think  I’m going to take a couple of days til my ankle feels a little more stable then start on the bike.  I have seen it recommended on several fitness sites for when there are joint injuries as it is low impact.  It is important for me to remember that pushing it too far too fast is not going to help in the long run.  Not stressing about not being able to work-out is going to be a challenge til then.  But I guess this was a reminder to take a break for a short time.

Going Good!

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Me June 2012Everything is right on track.  Went to the Doctor the other day and he had me do an A1c (test that measures blood glucose) and it has yet again improved from his original diagnosis.  Ha…nutrition and activity all the way.

Since January I have eaten pretty much what I want.  Within reason of course.  I try to keep my veggie consumption high and my carb intake low.  Sweets are out except for the very odd taste of delicious birthday cake.  Bottom line I don’t find I am lacking anywhere and I’m loosing weight and gaining energy.

The two big things that have made a difference are the most basic and backed by any expert I’ve encountered.  Eat Breakfast, Don’t eat too late in the evening.   Oh and really enjoy your food (that’s not really backed by anyone, I just really enjoy food).

So this is me 35 lbs lighter than I was in October.  Feeling great, looking good and happy that my plan is working.