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Calorie Deficits and Fat

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

There is way too much conflicting information about calorie deficit dieting and it’s driving me a little batty.  The most commonly held belief is that the way to loose weight is by consuming less calories than you expend through exercise.  Sound logic.  Sort of…

Let’s start with the basics.  There are two types of fat.  Visceral fat (which is the stuff that lives around our organs) and Subcutaneous (under the skin) fat which grows on our hips, arms, butts and many other places we don’t want it.

The dangerous stuff is the visceral fat.  It can impede the functioning of your organs and leads to common ailments such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.  It is also the stuff that causes excess belly fat.  This is the stuff you need to focus on if your goal is better health.  As I am always touting…FIBER, FIBER, FIBER!  Very recent studies indicate the best way to lessen visceral fat is to eat lots of fiber.  You also want to do the usual and stay away from saturated fats, eat a bit less and add more whole foods into your diet (whole foods are plain old fruits, vegetables  and grains that have not been processed already).

Notice there isn’t a mention of lowering your caloric intake per se.

Subcutaneous fat is the stuff that grows based on genetics and other predisposing factors that can haunt us in our lives.  Saddlebags, chunky arms, fat knees.  Please let me be clear, scientific reports state almost unilaterally that EXERCISING A CERTAIN PART OF YOUR BODY WILL NOT MAKE YOU LOOSE WEIGHT IN THAT PARTICULAR PART OF YOUR BODY.   It just doesn’t work that way.  If you diet and exercise you will loose weight wherever your body wants to loose weight.  It is dependent on the concentration of adipose (fat) cells in different areas on your body.  I wish I had more in my boobs and less in my thighs personally.

Getting back to calorie deficit.

The body stores fat because it’s worried about starving.  This function is so innate that we are unaware of it happening.  Here’s the idea.  If you deprive yourself of adequate food your body will compensate by storing fat to burn when you do eat resulting of course in weight gain.  Remember, the obesity epidemic that is happening in the world is happening to the poorer demographic.  Even mothers in third world countries can look obese but in reality are eating very little in a day, and working very hard in order to give as much food to their children as possible.  These women aren’t overeating, they are not eating enough.  That example is extreme but I hope you get where I’m going with this?  By not eating enough good calories you can get the exact opposite effects to the weight lose you were hoping to achieve.

In North America, I suspect, we are indulging ourselves in empty calories since processed and fast foods became available.  It’s totally true also that we generally far more calories than we expend.  By empty calories I mean bad calories.  Good calories take you back to the concept of whole food.  Whole foods will fill you up with good calories.  And they will fill you up with less calories in general.  However you may easily consume “too many” calories for your diet plan by eating a healthy meal.  That is going to do you a service though.  It will allow your body to relax and feel it is getting all the nutrients it will need on a consistent basis.  Then the excess fat will no longer be produced and voila you weigh less.

The moral of the story is be careful when trying to eat less.  For me I find if I concentrate on eating healthy foods the weight loss comes naturally.


Going Good!

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Me June 2012Everything is right on track.  Went to the Doctor the other day and he had me do an A1c (test that measures blood glucose) and it has yet again improved from his original diagnosis.  Ha…nutrition and activity all the way.

Since January I have eaten pretty much what I want.  Within reason of course.  I try to keep my veggie consumption high and my carb intake low.  Sweets are out except for the very odd taste of delicious birthday cake.  Bottom line I don’t find I am lacking anywhere and I’m loosing weight and gaining energy.

The two big things that have made a difference are the most basic and backed by any expert I’ve encountered.  Eat Breakfast, Don’t eat too late in the evening.   Oh and really enjoy your food (that’s not really backed by anyone, I just really enjoy food).

So this is me 35 lbs lighter than I was in October.  Feeling great, looking good and happy that my plan is working.


I love Shoes!

Friday, June 15th, 2012

I love ShoesI can talk all I want about wanting to be healthy as my motivation to lose weight;  but the truth of the matter is that I am more motivated by vanity.  I admit it.  I want to wear really high heel shoes again.  When you carry around a lot of excess weight it is far too uncomfortable and detrimental to wear the 3 inch spikes that you see all over the fashion magazines these days.  You will actually get stress fractures because the entirety of your weight is on the ball of your foot.

It’s hard enough wearing heels when your a skinny girl and it seems foolish in a way to even bother.  However I have always loved heels and still fondly remember my first pair of vintage stilettos that I wore in high school.

Like I said pure vanity.  There is no logic except to make your legs look longer and more shapely.

So for the last many years I have looked at wedges and cage styles and wanted them.  If I lose the weight I want to I will be able to wear them without permanently destroying my feet.  So I shall keep a picture of my favourite pair of the week where I can look at it whenever I need to.  That will help me stay on track.